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October 1, 2019

the HAES® files: No Body is Disposable! Fat and Disability Communities Join Powers to Close the Camps

by Health At Every Size® Blog

by Dawn Haney and Max Airborne

In this poignant and timely piece, Dawn Haney and Max Airborne of Fat Rose describe how disability and fat liberation politics are inextricably connected to migrant rights. They describe how fat and disabled people have taken a stand against the detention centers at the USA’s southern border, in the #NoBodyIsDisposable movement, and explain how ASDAH members can deepen their social justice work by taking action on this critical issue.


No Body is Disposable!

All Bodies are Valued, Indispensable, and Cherished!

Your Body is Integral. It is necessary to make things whole.


This is the world we fight to live in, one where all bodies are cared for, including our own. This is part of the ASDAH vision.

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